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It is not so long ago that we were running around unconnected and therefore innocent . Until it crept into our lives – the mobile phone. Since then, we ourselves have become a type of telephone box. And the change was not that positive for the good old telephone box either; it is on its way out. What was once a yellow communication node for an area covering many hectares of public space, a hotspot, a place of refuge for people seeking help or doing their work, for chatter boxes, is now – except for a couple of living fossils – just history. Anna Peisl sought out these old friends and photographed them in the most normal as well as most unusual places, setting them in exciting contexts. At a first glance, one is aware of the memories; they are still there and bring forth in everyone their own special mood. A mixture of … compassion? Nostalgia? Loneliness? Slowness? ... with underlying astonishment about the speed at which things change. And how quickly one forgets. One almost catches oneself reaching into a pocket for some small change.